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What's With the Mountain in the Pilot Logo?

Pilot Door Systems, Inc. is named for 10,720 ft. Pilot Peak, the highest mountain in the Pilot range located in Eastern Nevada. The peak was used by early pioneers and explorers as a readily visible landmark guiding wagon trains across the forbidding deserts of the American West. Pilot Peak represented a safe refuge and the promise of good fortune as the weary travellers found water and grazing at its base.

Pilot Door Systems carries on this pioneer legacy as a clear landmark in the self-storage industry where architects, contractors, storage facility owners and operators can find clear direction on their journey to find a solid return on investment.

The Pilot Door Systems Story:

Pilot Door Systems, Inc. was founded in 2005 when the former Roll-Rite/Roll-A-Flex Door Company closed its doors. Then the Operations Manager of the Texas facility, Jan Gorringe saw the potential that existed in the equipment that was up for sale.

The manufacturing equipment was purchased, moved to Pleasant Grove Utah, and Pilot Door Systems Inc. was in business.

Aware of the issues inherent in curtain door designs, Pilot immediately began looking at ways to improve the design and function of the door. Collaborating with storage facility owners and managers, general contractors and building suppliers; Pilot was anxious and excited to bring innovative changes to the industry - R & D went into overdrive, new equipment was purchased and production and improvements started in earnest.

From our innovations in bearing and tensioner design, to the improvements we have made in spring, drum, curtain and track function – Pilot Door Systems continues to push forward in providing the best possible doors and related products to the self-storage industry.

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Meet the Team

Pilot Door Systems, Inc. has assembled a team of certified and experienced employees
who stand behind the Pilot promise to deliver quality door & wall systems to every customer.

Pilot President and CEO Jan Gorringe
Mr. Gorringe has a wealth of experience in self-storage and has spent nearly four decades in the manufacturing industry. Prior to owning Pilot Doors in 2005, Gorringe served as Director of Operations for ProSteel Security Products. Jan is a Utah native and enjoys spending time with his wife outdoors and competitively shooting sporting clays.
Pilot Director or Manufacturing Mike Brittain
Mike has nearly 30-years experience in the steel industry working in production, R & D, quality control, and plant operations. No one has a greater eye for detail than Mike.
Pilot Director of Operations Jacob Gorringe
Jacob, the Director of Operations, started his career in 2010 as a fabricator at Pilot Door Systems. Over the next 13 years he has had the opportunity to learn every position available at Pilot; from production, estimating, project management to business operations. He is passionate about company and employee growth. Away from work Jacob loves spending time with his wife and dogs in the great mountains and deserts of Utah.
Pilot Controller Daniel Gorringe
Jeff was hired in November 2022 as the Controller for Pilot Door Systems, overseeing the company's operational accounting and accounting systems. A Certified Public Accountant with 25 plus years in private and public sectors, Jeff owned and operated his own accounting practice prior to joining Pilot Door Systems, and has been a controller in service and manufacturing industries. Jeff holds a Master of Professional Accountancy from Weber State University, and is excited to be part of the Team.
Project Manager Abel Davalos
Abel Davalos joined the company in December 2022 as a Construction Manager for Pilot Door Systems. Abel has proven to be a reliable, organized employee managing projects and installation teams with an eye for detail from start to finish.
Project Manager Darren Scott
Darren Scott joined Pilot Door Systems in the Spring of 2022 bringing with him over 20 years of experience in a variety of fields from construction to real estate to the automotive industry. Darren is passionate in learning all he can about the storage industry and the best ways Pilot can deliver quality projects to fill the needs of every customer.
Pilot Office Manager Cory Fisher
Cory joined Pilot Doors in December of 2021 as one of our Production Techs and quickly assumed Office Manager responsibilities after learning skills in the shop. Cory oversees all customer service responsibilities, single door orders, shipping quotations, freight scheduling. Cory serves as the first point of contact at Pilot Door Systems. In his spare time Cory loves BBQ cooking, creating his own signature rubs/seasonings, and has his own side company smoking custom meats.
Pilot Door Systems Logo
Pilot Production Coordinator Nick Henrie
Nick Henrie began his career at Pilot Door Systems in production, where he gained product knowledge, lead times, and field installation. While also having spent multiple years in our construction management department, he now combines both areas of expertise in an effort to bridge the gap between production and construction. This includes scheduling production as well as developing and managing our ERP System & Inventory Control Operations.