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Our Company Culture

Pilot Door Systems is named for 10,720 ft. Pilot Peak, the highest mountain in the Pilot range located in Eastern Nevada. The peak was used by early pioneers and explorers as a readily visible landmark guiding wagon trains across the forbidding deserts of the American West. Pilot Peak represented a safe refuge and the promise of good fortune as the weary travellers found water and grazing at its base.

Pilot Door Systems carries on this pioneer legacy as a clear landmark in the self-storage industry where architects, contractors, storage facility owners and operators can find clear direction on their journey to find a solid return on investment.

The Pilot Door Systems Story:

Pilot Door Systems was founded in 2005 when the former Roll-Rite/Roll-A-Flex Door Company closed its doors. Then the Operations Manager of the Texas facility, Jan Gorringe saw the potential that existed in the equipment that was up for sale.

The manufacturing equipment was purchased, moved to Pleasant Grove Utah, and Pilot Door Systems Inc. was in business.

Aware of the issues inherent in curtain door designs, Pilot immediately began looking at ways to improve the design and function of the door. Collaborating with storage facility owners and managers, general contractors and building suppliers; Pilot was anxious and excited to bring innovative changes to the industry - R & D went into overdrive, new equipment was purchased and production and improvements started in earnest.

From our innovations in bearing and tensioner design, to the improvements we have made in spring, drum, curtain and track function – Pilot Door Systems continues to push forward in providing the best possible doors and related products to the self-storage industry.

Pilot Door Systems Inc. Logo

Pilot Door Core Values

We at Pilot Door Systems are about to embark on a new chapter after 18 years in business. However, nothing is mor important than the number 27. You see, 27 is the number of individuals that make up the Pilot Door Team. Our family.

Together, Each of us can Achieve More (TEAM). Every member of the Pilot Team has helped the company to build the best doors and hallway systems in the business across this great country. We could not have done it without you. Each one of you adds critical value to a company that seeks to become the best in the business with a world class workforce. How are we going to do it?

Let's use some words:

Accountability; Honesty and Integrity in all things; Hunger for achievement inside and out; Consistent; Committed and Service driven; We do the right thing and Grow our relationships!

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