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What We Make:

Pilot Door Systems specializes in the manufacture of steel door and wall systems for the self-storage industry. We design, test, and manufacture the industry's most durable, cost-effective systems, giving you the peace of mind to know you are getting the very best product at a fair price. We create the best value in the industry.

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Pilot Mini-Doors

Pilot Mini-Doors provide facility owners the flexibility they need to maximize their rentable square-footage with custom sizes, hinge points and latch systems to fit extra storage vaults in otherwise unusable space. More efficient use of space equates to greater profits and an overall higher return on investment. Strength, durability, and security.

Pilot Mini-Doors

Pilot Commercial Rolling Doors:

Pilot Commercial Rolling Doors are engineered to overcome the problems that plague other manufacturers. Pilot door springs provide decades of worry-free service. Our Commercial Rolling Doors are engineered to last with galvanized steel drums and mounting plates and wind bracing to prevent warping and misalignment.

The World Is in Need of Full Utilization

Pilot Modular Wall Systems

Pilot Modular Wall Systems are designed for strength and flexibility. Strength & security in our structural wall panels, ceiling components and anchor systems - with the modular flexibility to quickly sub-divide large open spaces into perfectly-sized individual storage units your customers want and demand. The Strength you want & the flexibility you need.

Manufacturing Process:

Pilot Doors & Wall Systems are made from 26-gauge hot dip galvanized steel with a baked-on epoxy base coat, and uv-stable polyester top coat. The finish is baked-on at 850-degrees Farenheit to ensure a long life in even the harshest conditions. Our door & wall systems are engineered for strength and longevity in extreme environments and heavy-use applications.

Pilot utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and processes to ensure consistent product dimensions and quality time after time.

Pilot Door and Wall Systems are available in a wide-range of both standard and custom sizes to fit your exact needs.

Pilot Manufacturing - Roller Die Table


The SMP-coated steel used in our door and wall systems is warrantied for 40-years against paint flaking, and 25-years against paint chalking or fading - even in full-sun applications.
Epoxy-Coated Steel
Pilot uses high-strength maintenance-free steel roller bearing tension systems in our doors. Perfect for high-demand environments, our engineered maintenance-free roller bearing tensioners are perfectly suited for decades of worry-free performance.
Maintenance-Free Roller Bearing Tension Systems
What is Galvalume®? Galvalume® is a patented metallic coating applied to a steel base sheet used in all of the door base plates and wall sections where corrosion resistance is required. Galvalume® is an alloy made from both zinc and aluminum - the aluminum provides superior corrosion resistance, and the zinc provides incredible durability.
Galvalume® Corrosion-Protective Alloy